I am a terrible mother!

It’s hard enough being a young single working mum but even harder when your child is not ‘lil miss perfect.’


I was not the best behaved in school and by fate (and some stern words from my parents), I managed to succeed to University.  Suffice to say, the realisation that my child would experience issues with her emotional behaviour, somewhat broke my heart!  Read more!

The Glamorous Life of a Teacher…Real Time

3.10pm:  “Clear the corridor guys, it’s time to go home!”

3.30pm: Phone call #3 out #20…. “Hello, is that XXXXX’s mum?  This is Ms WXXX from XXXXX.  Just a quick call to discuss my concerns re XXXXX’s attitude to learning and class work.”

4.30pm: Lesson planning for my five period day tomorrow.  Can’t forget that I need to photocopy the resources too…

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New and updated blog for 2017!

It has been a very long time since I last used this medium to voice my views, feelings and really just to inspire.

A lot has happened since I last posted on here, both good and indifferent but its given me the motivation to get back on my blogging.  To be honest, I have in mind some kind of direction, focus and vision for this page and that is to speak from my heart…

The honest, the scary, the undiluted truths of my heart.  Some topics may be familiar with you and others may not appeal to you at all; that’s fine.  I just hope that at least one person can feel blessed, enlightened, comforted and inspired through my own life journey.

Please spread only positivity on this page, as love is the only true healer.

Thank you in advance.

K Vinnice



Models of Diversity – We talk about models of diversity but who are they?


Having once been a black model in the industry, I can profess to how hard it is to secure a decent modelling contract and truly be recognised as a top model.  However, society must be careful not to solely label models of diversity as those from the “black or minority” groups.  We see everyday in magazines, music videos, films and newspapers of what is generally deemed as a beautiful model or woman but the question arises; where does this definition come from?

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