A new lease of life!

It’s been a while since I lasted posted on here and my goodness is there SO much to update you all on! In truth, if any of you follow my social media you’ll already be aware that I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy this February! As expected, it’s taken me a little while to adjust to having two children, being a wife and also ‘finding’ myself again! I’m finally at a stage where I feel like I’ve got it together a bit, hence this recent post! Baby J is almost 3 months and being a mother of a newborn and an eight (going on 18 year old) has had me tired, stretched in a directions, moody, exhilarated, happy but also given me a new ounce of energy. Now I don’t mean physical energy more vibrations, positive ones! I feel empowered to go out of my comfort zone, set and achieve new goals and really just try and live my BEST BEST life!

So here goes it…

Hopefully you will stick around on this journey with me??

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Kym x

Sun, Sea, Sand and…

It’s fair to say that day trips at the beach are an imperative part of childhood. I can still recount my endless trips to the seaside with my family; fish and chips (with added tartar sauce); waltzer ride (that literally made me sick); sandcastle building and treasure hunts (with my treasured bucket and spade); trips to the local sweetie shop (rock of course). All of these memories are ones that I strive as a parent to provide for my child.


There is something about the sight and sound of waves against the shore, which creates a complete sense of awe. I don’t think I was designed for the confinements of bricks and cement, as the outdoors provides a new realms of existence for me.  Continue reading