How are you?

Today I felt like writing…mainly because I realized that I had neglected my blog for far too long and also because today was a ‘down day’. I mean quite frankly I really don’t know how to summarize 2020 so far…”insert caption here_________________” but its been overwhelming!

The last few weeks in particular, I have just found a bit too much! Writing has always been one of my sources of relief and unfortunately, I often forget that when I’m going through the rough.


Since I lasted posted in January, I have been through what many of us have experienced the ‘coronacoaster’ of emotions! I spoke with my mum today (always helps) and she reminded me that globally we are all going through the same thing; the feeling of frustration, confusion, sadness, agitation, loneliness, happiness, reflectiveness etc. Our world has been through one of the most traumatic times in history, in that it has completely changed the normal of the world. However, I don’t see these times, as all sad and gloom; in fact there are so many positives that have come out of this (for me personally).

  1. We are expecting baby number 3 in October, although technically baby was conceived pre-lockdown.
  2. I have been able to spend more time with my children; learning new ways to learn and play with them.
  3. I re-launched my business and in the process of making it international.
  4. Fallen in love with my passion of content creation all over again!


I am in the process of rebranding myself and reviewing again my vision for all elements of my content creation. I will always stay true to “speaking from the heart” but perhaps more with a purpose and end goal…who knows but I shall be sure to keep you all posted!

Let me know how you are? I’m always here to listen, talk and lend advice where I can!

Signing out for now.

K Vinnice x

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