Back to work woes and joy!

So I’m back to work now and although I’m gutted to be leaving my babies (during the day), I am excited to be back to busy!

I’ve always had a thing about wanting to be engaged in something and as much as my two babies keep me actively busy that’s not the kind of busy I mean. I want my own busy…am I even making sense!?

It’s so important, as parents that we find our own projects or things to engage with! Let’s face it before we were married and with kids, we were just us and it’s important not to lose that! I make a conscious effort not to lose my identity within the context of the variety of roles that I hold.

This year in particular, I am making it a personal goal to get out more! I don’t mean wild legless nights but making more public appearances! Having been pregnant last year, I felt trapped in the house! I just can’t cope with cabin fever…can you?

I want to meet old and new people. Go for drinks, go for a coffee, go to my friends house for a chinwag, read a book on the beach on my own etc.

There is ABSOLUTELY NO GUILT in wanting to do these things and doing these things! I don’t want to regret not living my life to the best potential that I could!

So watch out as Kym is going to be out out! 😜

Kym x

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