It’s my birthday!

Apologies that this is a tad bit late but I really was way too busy enjoying myself! I don’t know about you but I really am a ‘birthday’ person and pull out all the stops for others!

This year I had the stops pulled out for me!! Recently, I’ve been moaning and groaning to my husband that I don’t feel appreciated and “you just don’t understand how much I do!”

Man did he make me eat my words! Lol.

It wasn’t just the amazing gifts I received this year but the level of effort and organisation he put into the activities I did over the weekend! I mean…I even got a CARD!

Now being a mother of two, I’ve realised more than ever how important it is for both husband and wife to feel valued and appreciated! You can so easily get wrapped up in being “mummy” and “daddy” and forget to be “husband” and “wife” which are two different things!!

If money is tight (trust me I’ve been there), why not try a cost free AOA (Act of appreciation) like send an unexpected message of endearment, cook a meal, dedicate an evening to watch some films and perhaps indulge in an alcoholic beverage or two… Foot and whole body massage; my personal favourites!

Remember whether you’re married or not you are in a partnership and it’s so important that you take care of each other.

I also want to acknowledge my beautiful and amazing sister friends, who made it extra special. When you make the decision to be an expat, you leave everything behind! Having a network of amazing friends is so very important!

Check out my next few blogs for reviews of each of the activities I completed this weekend!

Kym x

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