I don’t feel guilty…

Sometimes as parents you can get into a rigid routine, which often doesn’t allow the capacity for some ‘self care’ time. For some, ‘self care’ could be reading a book, watching a film, getting a massage or meeting up with friends.

For me personally, I just love to dance! Give me good music and some space and I’ll do my thing! But it saddens me to see that other mums/dads often feel guilty for letting their hair down.


I was engaged in a conversation last night about the myth

Once you have kids you life is over!

Forgive me but that’s a load of rubbish! Who says that as a mum of two, I can’t get dressed up, have a drink and enjoy myself!

After all a happy Mum and Dad = a happy child and healthy/positive relationships!

So I’m not sure what your plans are for the weekend but don’t feel guilty to slot in some ‘self-care’ time!

Kym x

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