Sun, Sea, Sand and…

It’s fair to say that day trips at the beach are an imperative part of childhood. I can still recount my endless trips to the seaside with my family; fish and chips (with added tartar sauce); waltzer ride (that literally made me sick); sandcastle building and treasure hunts (with my treasured bucket and spade); trips to the local sweetie shop (rock of course). All of these memories are ones that I strive as a parent to provide for my child.


There is something about the sight and sound of waves against the shore, which creates a complete sense of awe. I don’t think I was designed for the confinements of bricks and cement, as the outdoors provides a new realms of existence for me. 

For me the half term is a time to recharge my non-existent batteries and spend that valuable quality time, which is heavily restricted due to the demands of work.  I do often though, find myself worrying about the cost of keeping my active and easily bored 6 year old, entertained for an entire week.  When the weather is horrid (pretty much most the time), you can often feel bounded to the indoors; if you’re anything like me, TV for the majority of the day and all week, is not my idea of entertainment!

Therefore, I am eternally greatful for apps such as HOOP, which provides a wide range of alternative activities for both smaller and older children.  I am also eternally grateful for the sea and sand which is always existent and readily available.

Despite it being February, I was able to relive parts of my childhood memories at Margate Beach, fostered with the added bonus of being able to create new memories for my daughter.

I am not entirely sure of the purpose of this post, except to reveal the true matters of my heart. The peace I feel whilst looking out at the endless sea and the relief of knowing that day trips on a budget are still possible in the 21st century!

K Vinnice x

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