The Glamorous Life of a Teacher…Real Time

3.10pm:  “Clear the corridor guys, it’s time to go home!”

3.30pm: Phone call #3 out #20…. “Hello, is that XXXXX’s mum?  This is Ms WXXX from XXXXX.  Just a quick call to discuss my concerns re XXXXX’s attitude to learning and class work.”

4.30pm: Lesson planning for my five period day tomorrow.  Can’t forget that I need to photocopy the resources too…

5.30pm:  Right, time to mark my Year 11 books.  Let’s see how many of the 30 I can get done, in the hour.

6.20pm:  16 books to go! Need these marked for tomorrow; in my tote bag they go!

7.00pm:  Just made it in time to get Arianna! PHEW.

7.15pm:  Right, what to cook for dinner?  “Ri get in the shower please.”

8.00pm: “Ri can you eat up please, it’s almost bedtime.”

8.30pm: “Goodnight Ri, love you.”

9.00pm: Let me jump in the shower and then iron my clothes for tomorrow.

9.45pm:  Right, time to mark these books.

11.00pm: Books marked, now time to tidy the kitchen.

11.30pm: Time to unwind…I’ll watch an episode of ‘Death in Paradise’

1.00am: Alarm set. Good night.

And you thought that a Teacher’s work finished at 3.30pm…


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